Sleep Debt Check

Do you know if your lack of sleep is putting you in the red zone? Or do you have the green light to keep up your current amount of sleep? By answering just a few questions on the Sleep Debt Check you can learn more about your current quality of sleep. Start the test below.

Note: Inputs marked with * are required.

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  • Q1. On average, how long does it take you to get sleep in the evening? *

  • Q2. On an average night, how much sleep do you get? *

  • Q3. On an average evening, how often would you wake up during the night? *

  • Q4. When you do wake up during the night, how long does it generally take you to get back to sleep? *

  • Q5. When you wake in the morning do you? *

  • Q6. When you wake up in the morning, how would you describe how you feel? *

  • Q7. In the past week, how often has feeling tired/unrefreshed stopped you from doing things such as going out/exercising? *

  • Q8. On an average week, how often would you say you fall asleep, during the day, such as on the bus or in front of the TV (or early evening but before bed time)? *

  • Q9. Over the past week, how on average would you rate the quality of sleep you have had over the past week? *

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